Not for everybody

Not for everybody

Mountain Bike / E-bike

About 35 KM

About 500/600  MT gradient

3-4 hours (half a day)

This cycling trip is the "hard" version of the Morainic hills tour, with a ride by the Tower of Solferino and Red Cross memorial (You can find details about these places in the explanation of the tour presented). This itinerary traces most of the famous SOUTHGARDABIKE race's path. It alternates  with classic off-road, where you can push a little more, technical sections with short but challenging down and uphills. Here,always on our chosen speed, you will however need good training and technique, since it's not a "for everybody" tour. I wanted to include this option, to satisfy also the more ambitious and adrenaline searching bikers. At the end of the tour there is the possibility of local wine and Garda oil tasting.

Price table
Description Half day Bike 3/4 hours Day Bike 6/8 hours Bike Package Half day E-Bike 3/4 hours Day E-Bike 6/8 hours E-Bike Package
1 persona euro 50 euro 50
da 2 a 3 persone euro 40 a persona euro 40 a persona
da 4 a 6 persone euro 35 a persona euro 35 a persona

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