Discovering Valtenesi

Discovering Valtenesi

Mountain Bike/ E-bike

Medium/ physical condition 2,5/5
(on request possibility to make it more easy connecting it to the Lonato-Salò cycle path)

About 35 KM
About 550 MT gradient
3-4 hours (half a day)  
About 6 hours ( full day with opportunity to lunch in typical restaurant or packed lunch)

Cycling among hills, vineyards and Olives (always with the lake in background) we enter in Valtenesi.
This territory oh Low Garda is really unique and this guided tour develops itself in an important area of oil and wine production (in particular the typical “Chiaretto”). This path is doable for everybody (you can also carry it out by e-bike) and with the slightest training you will appreciate a sequence of up and downhills, unexpected landscapes and rhythm changes. In one word: unmissable! At the end of the tour there is the possibility of local wine and Garda oil tasting.                                                                                                        

Price table
Description Half day Bike 3/4 hours Day Bike 6/8 hours Bike Package Half day E-Bike 3/4 hours Day E-Bike 6/8 hours E-Bike Package
1 persona € 50 € 100 € 50 € 100
da 2 a 3 persone € 40 a persona € 80 a persona € 40 a persona € 80 a persona
da 4 a 6 persone € 35 a persona € 60 a persona € 35 a persona € 60 a persona

Need help?

Require here the reservation for your tour.

Use of helmet required, in case of underaged the presence of least one parent is required. Booking request at least 24 hours in advance. Rental not included in the price. We could point you to our trusted renter, or you could turn to one of many stores of the area that carries out rental.

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