Tower of Solferino and Morainic hills

Mountain Bike/ E-bike

Easy/physical condition 2/5
(For the adrenaline-filled and more challenging version of this ...

Discovering Valtenesi

Mountain Bike/ E-bike

Medium/ physical condition 2,5/5
(on request possibility to make it more easy ...

St Martino Tower with ice cream - Take it easy

Mountain Bike/ city bike /E-bike

Easy/ physical condition 1/5
(on request possibility to do it ...

Secret Spot”

Mountain Bike/ E-Bike

Medium/ physical condition 3/5
About 30/35  KM
About 600 MT gradient
3-4 hours (half ...

Nature reserve Fortress of Manerba del Garda with reentry by boat

Mountain bike/ E-Bike

Easy/physical condition 2/5
3-4 hours (half a day, return by boat)
Medium/ physical ...

Pacchetto 3-4 notti in Hotel

Mountain Bike/E-bike

We are glad to annonce you that New Level Mtb offers the ...

Pacchetto 3-4 notti Bed & Breakfast

Mountain Bike/E-bike

We are glad to announce you that New Level Mtb offers the ...

Not for everybody

Mountain Bike / E-bike

About 35 KM

About 500/600  MT gradient

3-4 hours (half ...

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