St Martino Tower with ice cream - Take it easy

St Martino Tower with ice cream - Take it easy

Mountain Bike/ city bike /E-bike

Easy/ physical condition 1/5
(on request possibility to do it on paved secondary roads eliminating the few dirt roads that are present)
About 20 KM
About 200 MT gradient
3-4 hours (opportunity to taste ice cream from typical rural tourism)

Tour for everyone… to discover the hinterland of Desenzano, with passage underneath the Tower of Solferino (built in honor of those who fought for the independence and Italy’s Unification in the battles from 1848 to 1870.
It seems impossible, at two feet of the city center, to find yourself totally immerged in green and vineyards.
During the bike ride you can taste a delicious ice cream in a rural tourism, which uses only their own milk (they pproduce and sell also excellent cheese).
Overall a good idea how to spend an afternoon or start an evening (mornings is the rural tourism closed) without going crazy… you’re on holydays, take it easy! At the end of the tour there is the possibility of local wine and Garda oil tasting.

Price table
Description Half day Bike 3/4 hours Day Bike 6/8 hours Bike Package Half day E-Bike 3/4 hours Day E-Bike 6/8 hours E-Bike Package
1 persona € 50 € 50
da 2 a 3 persone € 40 a persona € 40 a persona
da 4 a 6 persone € 35 a persona € 35 a persona

Need help?

Require here the reservation for your tour.

Use of helmet required, in case of underaged the presence of at least one parent is required. Booking request at least 24 hours in advance. Rental not included in the price. We could point you to our trusted renter, or you could turn to one of many stores of the area that carries out rental.

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