Tower of Solferino and Morainic hills

Tower of Solferino and Morainic hills

Mountain Bike/ E-bike

Tour: 4 hours. Departure from the rental. Booking request at least 24 hours in advance

Possibility to rent E-Bike

Classic tour that starts from the lake and arrives at the Morainic hills with short stop at the Tower of Solferino (located where the bloody battle during the second war of independence in 1859 took place) and at the nearby and moving Red Cross memorial (the idea of the creation of this institution starts here following the dramatic events that took place in this land).

This tour is suitable for everyone as both the distance and the altitude are very small. This excursion is a must in the South Garda area and, with the appropriate modification, it can be satisfying even for well-trained people with a good familiarity with the bike. At the end of the tour there is the possibility of local wine and bruschettina tasting in the historic lakefront bar located next to the rental where the tour will end (for confirmation, prices and details of the tasting you can get information at the time of departure as it is always possible do it)

Tour available

Price table
Description Half day Bike 3/4 hours Day Bike 6/8 hours Bike Package Half day E-Bike 3/4 hours Day E-Bike 6/8 hours E-Bike Package
1 persona € 50 € 50
da 2 a 3 persone € 45 a persona € 45 a persona
da 4 a 6 persone € 40 a persona € 40 a persona

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Use of helmet required, in case of underaged the presence of at least one parent is required. Booking request at least 24 hours in advance. Rental not included in the price.

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