Nature reserve Fortress of Manerba del Garda with reentry by boat

Nature reserve Fortress of Manerba del Garda with reentry by boat

Mountain bike/ E-Bike

Easy/physical condition 2/5
3-4 hours (half a day, return by boat)
Medium/ physical condition 2,5/5
3-4 hours (half a day)

About 6-8 hours (full day)

In this tour we will combine a characteristic boat ride (to pay on the spot with possibility to carry your bike) with the fantastic ride in the nature reserve of the Fortress of Manerba del Garda.
Here, in a fairytale like atmosphere,  we will enjoy breathtaking views.
For those who are less trained, it is possible to return by boat.
While for those who are more trained the return is doable on the saddle, so that you can enjoy all the view that only Valtenesi can offer: green, vineyards and Olives will follow us for the entire tour.
The reentry by bike gives you the opportunity to ride in white roads and very satisfying single tracks. With the double option for the reentry it is possible for everyone to dive in this paradise.

Packed lunch is recommended (sandwich, fruit, cold pasta, etc.) as picnic lunch by the fortress. At the end of the tour there is the possibility of local wine and Garda oil tasting.

Tour depends on boat schedules …..

Price table
Description Half day Bike 3/4 hours Day Bike 6/8 hours Bike Package Half day E-Bike 3/4 hours Day E-Bike 6/8 hours E-Bike Package
1 persona € 50 € 100 € 50 € 100
da 2 a 3 persone € 40 a persona € 80 a persona € 40 a persona € 80 a persona
da 4 a 6 persone € 35 a persona € 60 a persona € 35 a persona € 60 a persona

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Use of helmet required, in case of underaged the presence of at least one parent is required. Booking request at least 24 hours in advance. Rental not included in the price. We could point you to our trusted renter, or you could turn to one of many stores of the area that carries out rental.

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